Re-order the DOM to present your layout perfectly at any breakpoint.

"Had me? You never had your car."


Move valuable calls to action to high-conversion areas in a jif.

Stack DifferentStack Different

Did we mention that you can move stuff around in the DOM?

Make your divs move like Jagger.

Your perfect grid layout may look great on desktop, but what if you want the columns to stack in a different order on mobile? Sure, you can use floats within media queries but that can get real ugly, real fast. The Shuffle extension is here to save the day; And your layout too.

Multiple breakpoints, "shuffle" anywhere.

Shuffling, not just a game for seniors anymore. The ability to "shuffle" elements within the DOM is a game-changer for responsive design. Shuffle related articles above category navigation, or shift the search bar and call to action in your navigation around a bit so its easier for mobile users to access. The possibilities are endless. Read more about the shuffle module »

Take Gumby wherever you want to go with it!